13.3.2 Ground Power Plug

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My good friend Albert, gave me a ground power plug. These are helpful if you ever have a dead battery and need a jump or you want to run the avionics on the ground for testing.

But where to put it? After trying a couple locations, under the battery shelf looks like the best location. So a mounting bracket is needed. I brought the plug home with me after the last trip down so I would have something to do.

I got a foot of 2″x1/8″ aluminum angle and cut it in half. Then I clamped the two pieces together and cut an opening for the plug. Then I drilled the four holes for the mountingĀ  bolts.

Next I pulled the two pieces apart and mixed up some Resin Research epoxy and bonded the two pieces back together.

Finally, I drilled six holes along the top and tapped them. This is how the bracket will be mounted to the underside of the battery tray.

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