13.3.4 Overhead Switch Panel Wiring

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I have all the wires routed from the bottom of the co-pilot A-Pillar up to the overhead switch panel (OSP). Because the switches that I’m using a very small, I can’t use the standard Faston connectors that most people use. So I had to solder on short pieces of wire that I will then crimp in-line Faston connectors to.

Here’s the overhead switch panel with the terminated pig-tails. The two in the middle near the middle that are terminated are for the magnetos, and the one towards the bottom is for the G3i ignition (that I haven’t gotten yet).


Here’s the A-Beam where the OSP will fit with the wires terminated (except for the mags. Red=Right and Blue=Left).

2013-10-30 IMG_20131030_114407_542

And here’s one of the mag leads.

2013-10-31 IMG_20131031_103217_494

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