13.1.8 GPS Antenna Shelf

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Now that I (finally) have an IFR capable GPS, I need an antenna.  I could have purchased one from Grand Rapids for $550, but I decided to check with the manufacture of the antenna they sell.  Sensor Systems sold me the same antenna for about $425.  Sweet!

Usually the antenna is mounted top of the fuselage.  On aluminum aircraft, you have to put it outside otherwise the metal blocks the signal.  That’s not an issue with a composite aircraft.

Most Velocity builders put the antenna on the canard under the cover known as the “doghouse”.  Other builders create a shelf under the doghouse.

Me and Malcolm went back and forth on the best approach.  Under the doghouse and you have lift up the doghouse and reach in to disconnect the antenna before removing the doghouse completely. On the canard and it’s one more thing competing for space in a very busy area with things that move (trim motor and autopilot pitch servo). And it’s got to be elevated to allow for the antenna cable.

In the end I decided to put it under the doghouse.

So Malcolm did what Malcolm does best: Create things out of resin and fiberglass.

Here’s the GPS Antenna Shelf.

2015-01-16 IMG_20150116_092301942 (Large)

With the antenna installed

2015-01-16 IMG_20150116_092854521 (Large)2015-01-16 IMG_20150116_092832475 (Large)

Attached to the underside of the doghouse.

2015-01-16 IMG_20150116_093808645 (Large)

With the doghouse installed on the canard.

2015-01-16 IMG_20150116_093910110_HDR (Large)

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