13.9.2 Autopilot Roll Servo Mounting

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I have decided to mount the autopilot roll servo between the whale tail and the landing gear bulkhead on the pilot side.

2013-11-27 IMG_20131127_174803_222

I could have made some hardpoints out of 1/4″ aluminum but then the plane of rotation for the servo would not have been the same as the aileron bellcrank. So I used some 1/2″ aluminum for the forward hardpoints.

2013-11-27 IMG_20131127_162704_753

Once I had tweaked the alignment, I mixed up some structural adhesive with some flox & cabo then bedded the hardpoints.

2013-11-27 IMG_20131127_180128_769a

Once it cures, I’ll cover it with 2x BID and that will be one more thing done.


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