13.6.2 Primary Alternator Connection

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Connecting the primary alternator is pretty straightforward. Basically 3 wires. The “B” lead which supplies the power to the electrical system. The “F” (or field) lead which is what activates the alternator and a ground wire.

Here you can see the large B lead (with the white cover on it). The F lead is above and routed to the left. And the ground comes around the right side.

2013-10-05 IMG_20131005_101449_817

2013-10-05 IMG_20131005_101501_384

I wasn’t happy with how the alternator cover looked so I did some more filling and sanding. The purpose of the cover is for cooling. Air from the plenum flows into the alternator and then out the bottom through a port.

Here’s the alternator with the cover on.

2013-10-05 IMG_20131005_103115_407

And where the wires exit the cover.

2013-10-05 IMG_20131005_103131_403

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