13.0 Wire Routing (Remediation)

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I finished the re-securing of the smaller wire bundles.

Here’s the left main gear leg with the wire bundle for the landing gear position sensors.

2015-01-14 IMG_20150114_153735081 (Large)2015-01-14 IMG_20150114_153728438 (Large)2015-01-14 IMG_20150114_153744946 (Large)

You’ll notice quite a few of those crappy, nylon wire mounts were loose. Not only could that damage a wire which would indicate an unsafe landing gear but it could also affect the mechanism itself and prevent the landing gear from locking in place.

So I removed all of those pads and replaced them with the new style. Which are not epoxied in place with structural adhesive.

2015-01-15 IMG_20150115_083238478 (Large)

These puppies aren’t going anywhere!

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