13.1.6 Transponder Antenna Ground Plane

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Since the airframe is non-conductive fiberglass, I need a ground plane for the transponder antenna. Because the transponder operates on two frequencies, a circular ground plane isn’t optimal. I purchased a document from RST Engineering that provides the information needed to design antennas. But fellow builder John Tvedt had already built his some he sent me the template.

So I printed out the template and glued it to a piece of aluminum.

2013-11-01 IMG_20131101_104348_591

Then cut out the aluminum.

2013-11-01 IMG_20131101_105107_432

Drilled a hole and attached the antenna.

2013-11-07 IMG_20131107_201743_501

Now I just have to build the mount for the antenna assembly.

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