13.2.2 / 13.6.2 Aft wiring complete

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Mostly. 🙂

Just about all the wiring in the aft portion is complete. That is, everything aft of the seats. The engine compartment was completed earlier. It the inside part that had me scratching my head. Lots of wires and trying to decide of the best routing for them.

Here’s the back of the inside:

2013-12-13 IMG_20131213_101952_930a

On the very bottom/center of the picture is the roll trim motor. That’s not wired yet (I said “mostly”).

Above that are the two voltage regulators. One on the left is for the primary alternator and the one of the right is for the backup alternator.

Up the left side are the wiring bundles (blue) for the Engine Information System (EIS), navigation lights and power for the fuel level sending units.

Halfway up on either side are two small black boxes (with two white labels). Those are the fuel level sending units (one for each tank).

On the left side, to the left and slightly above the fuel sending unit is a terminal block for connecting various devices.

Above that (top/left) is the ground block for anything inside the aft cabin.

Here are the two voltage regulators.

2013-12-13 IMG_20131213_172616_308

This the right fuel sending unit and terminal block.

2013-12-13 IMG_20131213_101703_841a

Closeup of the terminal block.

2013-12-13 IMG_20131213_101714_071

From the top:

  • Manifold Air Pressure Sensor Power Supply
  • Manifold Air Pressure Sensor Signal
  • Right Fuel Sender Unit Signal
  • Left Fuel Sender Unit Signal
  • Fuel Sender Unit Power Supply
  • Navigation Lights
  • Strobe Lights

All the way in the top/left is the ground block. This is connected to the ground block on the engine side of the firewall.

2013-12-13 IMG_20131213_172706_284


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