13.6 Ground Block – Part II

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I was worried about the solid copper ground block and corrosion. But fellow builder John Tvedt put me on to some “Liquid Tin”. This is typically used to cover the copper traces on printed circuit boards.

So I picked up a bottle from my electronic parts distributor of choice… Mouser.

I cleaned up the copper, poured some of the solution in a plastic pan and dropped in the parts.

It reminds me of Tarn-X. As soon as the ground block hits the liquid, it changes color.

Before and after.

2013-09-16 IMG_20130916_193727_6532013-09-16 IMG_20130916_195211_843

I also got some high-temp PVC sheet to use as a separator to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion when mounting metal to the titanium firewall.


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