13.9.2 Autopilot Roll Servo Wire Routing Modification

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I couldn’t figure out the best way to route the wires to the autopilot roll servo from the right wiring duct to the servo. I asked Malcolm and he said to bring it forward to the whale tail and then back to the servo. But I wasn’t planning on that long of a run and the wires weren’t long enough. It’s not a huge deal to run new wires but that was a rather circuitous route. I asked about running them directly across but Malcolm wasn’t keen on wires that close to the gear retract cables. So I cut a length of .25″ aluminum tubing and glassed it in position.

Nice, short cable run, protected from any moving parts. Win/win.

2013-11-30 IMG_20131130_153308_3682013-12-07 IMG_20131207_081954_123

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