13.6 Ground blocks

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There are a few places that need ground connections. Engine side of the firewall, cabin side of the firewall and cabin side of the canard bulkhead (front of the cabin behind the instrument panel). One traditional metal aircraft, the frame can be used. But on a composite aircraft, that’s not an option.

There are a number of pre-made ground blocks available from places like B&C, SteinAir and Aircraft Spruce. But these can be pretty pricey and most use Faston connectors. I prefer ring terminals. So I decided to make my own.

I picked up a 12″x1″x.25″ block of copper from McMaster-Carr. Drilled out a 5/16″, 3/8″ and 11 holes for 8-23 screws.Next, I countersunk the holes for the 8-32 screws and tapped them out. Then cut them into three 8″ blocks.

Then I simply screwed in the 8-32 screws.



I’m a little worried about corrosion though. John Tvedte plated his with a tin solution. So the next time I put in an order at Mouser, I’ll probably pick up some.


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