13.7.1 Avionics Shelf

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Since I’m not going to have any traditional, panel mounted avionics, the radios, transponder, audio panel and associated boxes will all be mounted behind the panel. So I’m going to use a “Millin Shelf”. Named after Andy Millin because his is the first one I had seen. 🙂

First I made some brackets that are attached to the sides of the fuselage with structural adhesive and rivets.

2013-10-13 IMG_20131004_191130_021a

Then two pieces of 1″x1″ aluminum angle stock are used to create the structure of the shelf.

2013-10-04 IMG_20131004_085102_785a2013-10-04 IMG_20131004_085127_300

Finally, a single sheet of aluminum is used to finish the shelf. Most of the devices will attach to the frame members so the aluminum sheet is used to bridge the frame members for smaller devices.

2013-10-04 IMG_20131004_142645_0672013-10-04 IMG_20131004_142731_687

Once all the parts were assembled, I removed the shelf and began mounting the devices. Here I’ve mounted the VP-X Pro and the AHRS.

2013-10-04 IMG_20131004_171406_769

I made paper templates of the other devices (radios, transponder, GPS, etc.) and it’s going to require some careful planning to get everything to fit.

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