13.99 – Current Sensor Repair

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I’ve been getting some wonky current readings lately. Numbers that are just too low… sometimes. I knew the charging system was working, it was just the current reading from the EIS/EFIS.

Checked everything that I could think of but couldn’t find a culprit.

I called Grand Rapids and Eric had me check some things out. Everything checked.  Then he said “grab the wires at the sensor and give them a tug.”  Say what???  But I did it and they pulled free of the sensor with very little effort.

Turns out that GRT had a guy making these sensors and the way he would attach the wires to the pins was to lay the wire next to the pin, slide some heat shrink tubing over it and heat it up. They thought that they had tracked down all the sensors that were incorrectly assembled but it looks like mine slipped by.

They sent me two replacements but I thought that I could solder the wires on the primary alternator output easier than I could replace it so I gave it a go.


Fired up the engine and EIS/EFIS were showing good readings.  When I get some time,  I’ll swap out the sensor on the secondary alternator B lead.

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