13.2.2 EIS wiring

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I had already mounted the EIS (Engine Information System) and the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) Sensor. Now it’s time to start pulling wires.

I picked up some expandable braided sleeve (AKA Chinese handcuffs) from McMaster. I split out the wires that would be going to the front of the cabin, rear of the cabin and engine compartment and fed the wires through.

2013-08-17 IMG_20130817_102414_487

Connected the two DB-25 connectors to the EIS module and routed the cables into the right wiring duct.  The wires going to the front of the cabin aren’t long enough so I’ll have to splice some longer wires on before running forward in the duct.

2013-09-08 IMG_20130908_163139_202a

The majority of the wires go to the engine compartment. Here’s the firewall side of the right wiring duct. I used some yellow heat shrink tubing to provide additional protection for the wires. The red, yellow and white wires are for CHT and EGT probes. The rest are for various sensors and I put those in another sleeve which runs up to the terminal strip.

2013-09-08 2013IMG_20130908_163231_900a

I’ll have to wait before I can terminate the wires for the other sensors. I didn’t have the right size heat shrink tubing for my label maker.

2013-09-04 IMG_20130904_182030_484

Here’s the EGT and CHT connections.

2013-09-04 IMG_20130904_182044_035


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