13.5.1 Navigation/Strobe Wing Root Connectors

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Originally, I was going to use basic Molex connectors for the navigation and strobe light connections at the interface between the wing and strake. Then I found some weatherproof AMP connectors.


The wingtip light assembly has four wires (Ground, Navigation Light Power, Strobe Light Power and Sync) so I selected a 4-position connector.

Here is the fuselage side of the connection.

2013-11-06 IMG_20131106_095231_784

The red wire is the “sync” wire. This allows the strobe on the left to be synchronized with the strobe on the right.

Up until this point, I was labeling the wires with plain english (Oil Pressure, Starter, 24v, etc.). But after considering the number of labels and the cost of the heat shrink tubing, I decided that I should adopt the modified version of aircraft wire labeling standard. Hence the somewhat cryptic “L1-4B-20”.

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