13.1.4 Glideslope Antenna

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While waiting for the paint (yeah, yeah, yeah. Primer) to fully cure, I build the glideslope antenna. I used the RST Engineering foil and placed it between the bottom of the windshield and the doghouse opening.

Here’s the two pieces of foil that will be the two legs of the antenna.2010-10-16 0755 IMG_0734

And after the coaxial leads are attached and then covered with thickened epoxy and then a layer of BID.
2010-10-16 0848 IMG_0735

Sadly, I would later learn this was a TOTAL waste of time. The Nav radio that I purchased didn’t have an input for the glideslope antenna.  When I asked the manufacture, they told me that they get the signal from the VOR antenna and that almost nobody uses separate glideslope antennas anymore.

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