13.3.5 Avionics Wiring

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As I mentioned before, I have elected to go with the FastStack wiring Hub for the avionics. While the wiring and termination of the all the connectors is something I’m very familiar (and comfortable) with, the volume of it was a bit daunting.

This is the wiring for a Beech Duke.


The Approach FastStack box arrived today.

2014-02-10 IMG_20140210_194733750a2014-02-10 IMG_20140210_194740451

I’ve got to say this is some of the best documentation I’ve run across in a long time. Each cable is labeled and comes in its own bag with QC documents and configuration.

2014-02-10 IMG_20140210_195055238a

The manual is also very clear and well laid out.

2014-02-10 IMG_20140210_194842378_HDRa

In short, this should make the avionics wiring significantly easier.

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