13.99 Instrument Panel overlays

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I received an early birthday present today.

2015-04-08 IMG_20150408_105606701

I ordered this through Aircraft Engravers.

So no stickers on the around the fuel caps or on the door.

I brought the switch panels home so I could work on the drilling out the mounting and switch guard holes.

Lower Left Switch Panel before and after.

2015-04-08 IMG_20150408_130740804 2015-04-08 IMG_20150408_144929647

Overhead Switch Panel before and after.

2015-04-08 IMG_20150408_1531498192015-04-08 IMG_20150408_185918207

Light Dimmer and Vent Panel.

2015-04-08 IMG_20150408_190513561

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