13.2 Panel installation

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I finished up the wiring and installed the pitot static lines. Mounting the speed switch for the two-speed trim controller required a building a mounting bracket. The speed sensor adjusts how fast the pitch trim motor runs (faster at slow airspeed and slower at higher airspeeds). But there’s an adjustment on the back (or bottom) of the sensor.

2014-05-21 IMG_20140521_093128515_HDR (Large)

When the panel was installed, I discovered that some of the wiring was interfering with the parking brake linkage and had to reroute a wiring bundle.

Here’s the installed panel with the landing gear control, master warning panel,  lighting sub-panel, left lower-panel, right lower-panel and backup EFIS mounted.

2014-05-30 IMG_20140530_075752347 (Large)

Then I installed the two EFIS displays.

2014-05-31 IMG_20140531_192555425 (Large)

Then I threw the master switch.

2014-05-31 IMG_20140531_193001095 (Large)


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