13.8.1 Magnetometer connections

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Now that the magnetometers are mounted, it’s time to run the cables to them.  The supplied wiring harness from Grand Rapids is 20 feet long. The magnetometers are in the left strake. The wires aren’t long enough to run down the right wiring duct so they’ll have to go down the left side duct. I checked with Ben at Grand Rapids and he confirmed that running the wires in the same duct as the communications antennas will not cause any interference with the magnetometers or radios.

Once I got the two harnesses organized, I ran them through the mesh sleeves. Then, because I didn’t want to find out that the antennas wouldn’t fit, I pulled the magnetometer wiring, both com antenna wires and both nav radio antennas at the same time.

Then it was just a matter of terminating the magnetometer end of the wires and connecting them.

2013-12-11 IMG_20131211_113140_3022013-12-11 IMG_20131211_113108_801

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