13.6.1 Battery Hold-Down

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The battery that I have been using is a used one which came out of another airplane.  The dimensions are pretty standard so I used it as a template when I was building the battery tray.

It was a standard flooded cell, lead/acid battery.  And the cover plate was also the hold down strap.

But I decided on a sealed battery.  Which means that I don’t have to worry about putting in an overflow drain.  But the new battery doesn’t have an intergated hold-down.  So it’s fabrication time again.

The battery has these two little… tabs sticking up.  I could have just gone over top of those but I was worried that pressing down on those would cause trouble in the future. So instead of using flat plate, I used I picked up some 3/4″ square stock and cut it to length and notched the square stock. Then drilled two holes for the rods.

2015-01-18 IMG_20150118_092653974 (Large)

Here’s the hold-down bar on the new battery.

2015-01-18 IMG_20150118_093345829_HDR (Large)


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